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My Music In The Latest Round Of Hennessey Videos

Sean Brattan

Today I had a nice surprise, opening up my Pond5 account I noticed I had a couple of messages: One of which was sent by Kenzie delaTorre a Videographer at Hennessey Performance, thanking me for making great music. He also left a link to the latest Hennessey video using my music, this time showing of their 200mph C7 Corvette flexing its muscles on a closed Texan highway. Its always great to hear your work is appreciated, but more so when the company in question produce products you think are absolutely awesome. For me Hennessey is one of those companies as I am a massive American muscle fan (despite living in the UK), and have followed them for a while salivating over their hyper tuned Camaro's and Mustang's. One day when I finally move to the US I will own and work on my own muscle car (either a 1970's roadrunner or Firebird / 1967 Barracuda or Mustang), and hopefully it will be 10% as awesome as one of Hennessey's creations.