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Hi, I'm Sean Brattan and I write music for adverts, television and games. Most of the music I create is of a 'Epic' persuasion, but I have also had success with uplifting pop/rock music. I started composing it 2012 after I graduated from Leeds Metropolitan University, with a 2.1 in Music Technology. I am currently based out of a small studio in Tendring, Essex, although 99% of my work comes from outside the UK, like the US and rest of Europe.



In my spare time I'm a bit of a tinkerer; I build computers, bicycles and random bits of electronic gadgetry. I've found its good to have lots of hobbies, especially when your main one 'music' becomes your day job. Speaking of which: Music has played a huge role in my life, In fact I first started playing the guitar over a decade ago (now and then I still find time to bust out the odd Clapton or AC/DC riff).

I have a great deal of time for my fans, in fact when I first started composing I had no idea 'Epic' music had such a following. But thanks to my YouTube channel and the comments left by my fans, I've been able to push my music out to both the industry and public.

But to be honest most of the time I am just glad that everyone seems to like 'Epic' music as much as I do.